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AFRICAN TALES Folk Story Submissions

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We tell our stories in order to understand who we are
Bwalya Mwali: AfricanTales Founder


2022 AFRICAN TALES Folk Story Submissions

Theme: Our Story Our Voices

For many of our African communities, the transmission of oral traditions from one generation to the next lies at the heart of their cultural practices. Multiculturalism and rapid socio-economic changes mean that most youths have less access and become underexposed to their own culture in contrast to information which is readily available everywhere and easily accessible. In time, the rich cultures and traditions of Africans will become threatened when elders who are the main vehicles for the transmission of unique cultural knowledge, die .Hence, the need to secure this heritage for the future generations.

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Closing the Digital Divide: A Laptop Donation Initiative for Africa

Partnering with AfricanTales and Interactive Graphics Studios to bridge the gap between technology access and cultural preservation in African communities.

This campaign, Give Old Laptops a Second Life, aims to bridge the digital divide in African communities. By collecting and refurbishing old laptops and redistributing them to those in need, we can provide access to technology for underprivileged individuals, small businesses, and schools. AfricanTales, in partnership with Interactive Graphics Studios, a Google Partner, is committed to implementing this initiative across the African continent through the collection of old laptops, organizing train-the-trainer workshops, and providing training to scale the project. This initiative not only addresses the issue of technology access but also actively works towards preserving and promoting cultural heritage in Africa, making a positive impact for the communities and the region.

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Preserving our African Cultural Heritage

We are grateful to our growing African community for their support in preserving our rich cultural heritage.

Charity Alfredo NassivilaMozambique

A worth while initiative to keep African culture alive and documented for future generations

Matsosane MolibeliDepartment of Arts and Culture, Lesotho

Identity is most important for everyone one, relating it to others is even greater opportunity for one to do. Telling our stories in truly an important part of making people to know about our culture and history and mist importantly our heritage. As the Department we do support the initiative and hope to learn and benefit a lot from it.

Stephen BlackmanCalyce Agency, France

We Africans need this. The world needs this. Sharing our culture and oral traditions through digital innovation and live interactions with people will change how we see African culture and heritage, creating a new perspective of ourselves and of our people; thus creating an opportunity for more exchanges with and within the African community and its disaspora.

Peris Siamanta MemusiKenya’s reading and writing culture, Kenya

A brilliant idea. I believe AFrican Tales will bring together all 𝗔𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗻 cultures and create a stronger bond that has never existed before. AFricans have been corrupted but AFrican Tales is doing best to erase that. God bless and long live AFrican Tales

Brian MassaBlackbae Media, Uganda

I have worked with AfricanTales since 2021 on a couple of project. And the outstanding element is being able to unite Africans and people of Africa descent digitally and its enthusiasm to promote African culture and heritage through the storytelling.

Koblah Charles Thompson MBEScreen Nation Media, UK

As a storytelling professional from Africa, i am in awe of the possibilities African Tales represents to widen, shine a light and reveal the breadth of classic African stories that exist that should be taught to.the next generation and used as inspiration for digital content producers from the continent and elsewhere. The project should be endorsed and supported by the UN, AU and all lovers of Africa.

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