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Embrace the Magic: Donate to Preserve Africa’s Cultural Heritage

Step into the enchanting world of Africa’s cultural heritage and become a guardian of its captivating stories. Your donation can make a powerful impact on preserving, revitalizing, and amplifying the invaluable traditions and wisdom of Africa and its diaspora. Join us in embracing the magic of African tales and be a part of this transformative journey to empower communities, uplift voices, and foster a profound sense of identity and belonging. Every contribution matters, and with your support, we can create a lasting legacy of unity and pride, celebrating the vibrant tapestry that unites us all. Donate today and become a thread in the preservation of Africa’s legacy for generations to come.

Bank Transfer:

Your contribution to the AfricanTales Initiative is a powerful step towards preserving Africa’s cultural heritage and sharing its timeless wisdom with the world. To make a donation via bank transfer, please use the following details:

INGWEE VZW-AfricanTales initiative
Middenstraat 24
2910 Wildert-Essen
Account no: 001 857420361
IBAN: BE62 0018 5742 0361
BIC/Swift code: GEBABEBB
Bank address Bredabaan 383
2930 BRASSCHAAT, Belgium

Your generosity will create a lasting impact, supporting the digital repository and cultural hub that celebrates the vibrant narratives of Africa. Together, let’s ignite the magic of African stories and unite communities across the globe.


Join the AfricanTales movement and make a difference today through a secure and convenient PayPal donation. Your support empowers us to honor forgotten narratives, empower local communities, and amplify the voices of storytellers. Simply visit our PayPal page and be a part of preserving Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Every contribution matters, and with your help, we can create a profound and inclusive cultural narrative that resonates for generations to come. Thank you for being a thread in the tapestry of Africa’s legacy!